Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Rosh HaShanah report

Okay, I made a pig of myself and gained three pounds--I never thought I'd be grateful for a half-day fast-- but what really upset me was the absence of so many people from synagogue.  Some were stuck at home due to health problems, others--especially the cane-and-walker brigade--didn't make it on the second day due to torrential rain and strong winds.  I hope to see all (or at least most) of them this coming Shabbat/Sabbath morning.

The good news is that our regular cantor was still in good enough health to be able to lead substantial parts of the services--he scheduled his treatment for after the holidays.  This was fortunate, since the cantor who was originally hired to replace him on the holidays had the good sense, and the good grace, to call the president after the Selichot service and say that he wasn't really well-enough acquainted with the Ashkenazi nusach for the Yamim Noraim/High Holidays to lead our services properly--he's now booked to lead us on a few Shabbatot, instead, while our regular cantor is in treatment and recovery, and was on hand to lead the Minchah/Afternoon Service before Rosh HaShanah and the Arvit/Maariv/Evening Service after RH, as well as from Ein Kelokenu through the end of the services.  (Methinks the president may be grooming him for a future role in our synagogue.)  In addition, our High Holiday rabbi was able to lend a hand by leading Shacharit/Morning Service quite nicely, and by leining/doing k'riat haTorah/chanting the Bible reading from the Torah scroll on the second day of Rosh HaShanah.  So the services went far better than anticipated.

The bad news--and it's really bad--is that one of our congregants was hospitalized shortly before Rosh HaShanah in extremely serious condition.  A few of us paid a bikur cholim visit to her/him in the hospital this past Sunday morning after Shacharit.  This particular congregant has been on my cholim/[prayers for the] sick list for at least a month, and will stay on my list until he/she gets well . . . or doesn't.  :( :( :(


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